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quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

HumanNature84 a.k.a. Mike Austin

Profile at DeviantArt by himself:

Official Beta Tester
I am a Vector Artist
Male/United States
June 17
Why I Am Here
- To offer my stock and resources for use
- To show my artwork to the world
- To become a better artist

Statistics and comments by DeviantArt:

148 Deviations 
19,541 Pageviews 
1 Scrap 
3 Critiques 
0 Forum Posts 
1,886 Favourites

HumanNature84 has 19,541 pageviews total and his 148 deviations were viewed 92,169 times. He watches 99 people, while 325 people watch him.
Overall, his deviations received 1,176 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 4,213 times, while he commented 871 times, making about 0.85 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he received 14 comments for every 10 that he gave.
His deviation with the most comments is Pink with 78 comments, while his most favourited one is Big Fish, with 650 favourites. His most viewed deviation is vector 3D paint brushes with 8,369 views.
36 favourites were given for every 10 comments.
Every 6.8 days he uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Friday, with 37 (25%) of his deviations.
His busiest month was January 2010 with 13 (9%) of his deviations.
The majority of his deviations are uploaded to the digitalart gallery (79), while his favourite category was vector > people with 37 deviations.
Comments per deviation: 7
Favourites per deviation:
Views per deviation:
Comments per day:
Favourites per day:
Deviation views per day:
Pageviews per day:

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